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Name plate details:

  • 0.02" thickness aluminum in your choice of white, silver, or gold
  • Full color, dye-sublimation or UV print; edge-to-edge printing
  • Most common size is 2" x 8", but available in many popular sizes including 1", 1.5", 2", 3", and 4" heights
  • Can be used with multiple mounting methods such as adhesive, wall holders, or desk holders
  • Typical turnaround time is 1-2 business days, under normal circumstances, not including shipping time
  • Hire one of our designers to custom design your template for you ($30.00)

Great for:

  • bank executives
  • town, city, county, and other goverment officers
  • professors and administrators in schools, colleges, and universities
  • corporate supervisors and managers
  • insurance agents
  • staff and patients in medical practices, facilites, and hospitals 
  • gifts for colleagues and friends
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
1 x 419$ 9.99
1024$ 8.99
2549$ 7.99
5099$ 6.99
1 x 619$ 9.99
1024$ 8.99
2549$ 7.99
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Our full color name plates are made from a durable aluminum and come in silver, gold, or white for an elegant and professional looking design.  Personalize each plaque with its own text and font to match each of your employees' styles or your office decor.  They're great for cubicles, office doors, hallway walls, or employee desks.  These name placards also make great executive gifts!

The NPM name plate inserts are dye-sublimated on the .02" thick metal for a rich and long-lasting imprint.  Personalization of each name plate with individual names and titles, and even your logo or artwork, are included in full color.  Please note that white printing is not available.  If you have any white in your artwork, we recommend choosing the white metal background.  Otherwise, any white in your artwork will appear either silver or gold (depending on which background color you selected).

The name plates are available in a 2" height and either 8", 10", or 12" lengths.  Custom sizes are available upon request.  Choose the mounting method that meets your needs for each name plate.  We have adhesive and magnetic options, along with screw holes and Velcro.  Or choose to purchase a metal frame holder to attach your name plate to the wall or door, or display on a desk (check out our wall holders or desk holders, sold separately).  Standard turnaround time is approximately 1-2 business days (plus shipping transit time).  No set up fee or minimum order quantity.

Please note:  all metal holders shown for wall or desk mounting are sold separately.

Boost Your Brand With Custom Metal Name Plates From LoneStar

Metal name plates aren't just pieces of metal; they're the silent ambassadors of your brand. Even with different other options, why do businesses keep coming back to these shiny pieces? It's simple: durability meets design.

What Makes Metal Name Plates Essential?

Dive into any bustling office or walk down the halls of industry giants and you'll see them—metal name plates, gleaming with purpose. Metal name plates embody a company’s identity and whisper tales of professionalism before a single handshake is exchanged. At LoneStar Badge, we've seen firsthand how these markers command respect in professional settings.

Full-color metal name plates are not only tough enough to take on daily wear but also come dressed in full color, ready for their close-up. Picture this: an aluminum plate sporting silver, gold, or white colors—a trifecta offering choices that align with varied corporate palettes.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Full-Color Metal Name Plates

A name plate isn’t complete without its splashy attire—the full-color printing process brings each piece to life like artwork that never fades from glory. And talk about customization. Whether it’s personalized text or a color logo popping against the backdrop—we craft every detail to fit your narrative.

Designing Your Ideal Metal Name Plate

When it comes to selecting materials that marry durability with design, anodized aluminum stands out for its resilience against the elements and its sleek appearance.

Selecting Materials for Durability and Style

Anodized aluminum is not only tough but also customizable, offering a perfect canvas for any aesthetic. Whether you choose classic brass engraving plates or contemporary aluminum plates, these materials are designed to stand the test of time. With no set-up fee or minimum order quantity, creating laser engravable plates becomes an effortless process.

The use of dye-sublimation on .015" thick metal ensures that every plate can withstand daily wear without losing its luster. This method embeds color into the material itself, rather than merely laying on top—meaning your designs won’t fade away easily.

Crafting Unique Designs With Templates and Custom Text

If creativity isn't your forte—or if you're crunched for time—the availability of our free design templates lets you start with a solid foundation before adding personalized text or company logos. But when uniqueness is key, custom designs offer unlimited possibilities to showcase what makes your business distinct.

Your nameplate can capture attention with vibrant full-color options using state-of-the-art printing technology that brings even the most intricate details to life. The result? A professional piece that speaks volumes about quality metal craftsmanship fused with bespoke branding power—a true representation of your identity in metal form.

Learn more about our durable yet stylish offerings by exploring ourmaterials selection guide, which helps ensure you make an informed choice tailored perfectly to meet both practical needs and visual preferences alike.

Practical Applications and Customer Engagement

Metal nameplates are the unsung heroes in countless sectors, from labeling critical equipment to adorning office doors. They serve as silent sentinels that guide operations and uphold safety standards. In the medical field, for instance, they're vital for identifying machinery; ensuring devices can be quickly located during time-sensitive procedures.

In manufacturing plants, durable tags withstand extreme conditions to keep things running smoothly. And let's not forget their role in boosting efficiency by helping team members swiftly identify resources on bustling factory floors or within complex IT setups.

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