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Account Log In and Passwords

You can create a customer account with us in one of two ways.  Prior to ordering, you can click on Login along the top right side of the page which will pop up the account login/registration page.  Enter your information under the Registration portion on the right and your account will be set up prior to placing your first order.  Or if you prefer to set up the account while ordering, simply proceed from your shopping cart and you'll have the option to register your account at checkout.

No problem!  You can simply reset it anytime.  Please click on Forgot My Password on the Login page, then follow the prompts to reset it.  If you're still having trouble you can always email or live chat with us for further password reset assistance.


Although we prefer you place your order and checkout through our website, you can place your order by calling (512) 357-2261 or emailing it to sales@lonestarbadge.com.  However, please keep the following in mind when doing so:
1) Called-in and emailed orders are a manual process and may be subject to a processing fee to cover the labor needed to put the order in the system.
2) Online orders are processed faster than manual orders taken over phone or email.  If you'd like your order processed right away, please order online and feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your in-hands needs.
Orders placed online by you are always the quickest and most accurate way to proceess your order.  Some e-commerce websites have online ordering, but simply get an e-mail order request form with your order information and then process it manually.  We are a true online business - everything, from our accounting to inventory to order and customer management, is handled strictly online.  Our customer service team enters the order using the same site and same checkout process that you would if you placed your order yourself, so you can avoid processing delays and inaccuracies by placing the order online when you're ready.  And we're available by email or live chat if you have any questions along the way.
The first thing you would need to do is log into your account on our website using your email address and password.  If you're ordering a stock item, just choose the item you like, place it in your shopping cart, and proceed through the checkout.  You can order a new custom item the same you would a stock item as well.
If you wish to reorder a custom item that you've ordered in the past, just go to your account once logged in, then click on Reorder Custom Items to select the custom product you would like to reorder from the templates available.  If you don't see the template you would like to order here, please contact us so we can add it.  You won't be able to simply "reorder" from an order in your order history as that will not come into production correctly and might cause delays with your order.
Stock products:  Our goal is to ship stock orders within a business day or so once placed.  If your item is not in stock, we'll notify you of any back orders or any possible delays on stock products as soon as we're aware of them.

Custom products:  Production times do vary per each custom product you order.  If you have a date that you need your custom order by, we recommend that you tell us your in hands need ahead of time and/or choose expedited shipping at checkout.  That way we are informed up front and can do our best to meet or exceed your needs.

Yes!  All of our pricing listed online is for our end users.  You don't need to open an account or do anything special - just place your order and pay by check or credit card.

Yes!  You don't need to open an account or do anything special - just place your order and pay by check or credit card.  If you would like your order to ship blind directly to your customer, we can do that too.  Just contact us with any special requests.

For most states, we do not charge sales tax.  Only your orders being purchased by companies located in or being shipped to the state of Texas will automatically include an 8.25% sales tax.
Organizations and entities that are exempt from paying Texas State Sales Tax may supply a Texas Tax Exempt form (blank forms are available if needed; just let us know).  Once your online account is created and your exemption form has been received, we can mark your account as Tax Exempt and your current and future orders will default not to include taxes.
Please note:  LoneStar is not liable for any taxes, duties, or fees that may be levied by governmental entities outside of our jurisdiction.  You are solely responsible for paying any and all appropriate taxes on orders purchased from us that are not being purchased in or used in the state of Texas. 

That depends on the product.  We try to keep our minimum quantities to...well...a minimum.  However, most of our stock products do have minimum package quantities (such as 50 or 100 pieces).  This allows us to keep pre-packaged quantities on hand and ready to ship quickly, saving you time and money.  For our custom printed products, some do have quantities, but the majority of our personalized name tags and badges can be ordered as little as one at a time!  If you have any questions about minimum orders, please contact us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate.

The photos shown on our website are provided as a general representation of our products.  If you need your order to match exactly what is shown online (the style of the fasteners, the layout and placement of the fasteners, slots, or holes, colors, etc...), please contact us for confirmation.  Unfortunately, our photos may not match exactly what is in our stock at all times, but we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.  Additionally, due to variances in computer monitors and device screens, actual products and colors may vary slightly than your actual physical product (whether stock or custom printed).

No, we don't currently have any printed catalogs.  The majority of our products can be found on our website, however, our printing and manufacturing capabilities are endless.  So if you're having trouble finding just the right product, please feel free to contact us to discuss your custom project.

We gladly accept orders from outside the United States, however, we can only accept US credit card or wire transfer payments.  In addition, if you choose to pay with a credit card, we may request additional documentation or proof of identity.
Also please note that we are not responsible for any custom fees or duties as a result of an international shipment.

Order Status

Once you log into your account, click on the My Account tab along the top menu bar, then View Orders.  Here you can view all your orders and their current status, as well as print your invoice and view tracking information once available.

Since our website update in June 2021, all orders placed before that time are unfortunately no longer available to view online.  However, we do still have a record of every order you've placed so we're able to look up any details pertaining to these orders when needed.  If you have questions about past orders, please use the live help to chat with us.

To review all past orders that were placed after June 2021, you can simply log into your account and click View Orders in the My Account tab.  There you can see all past and current order details, tracking information, and download invoices.

We try our best to ship on time, all the time!  However, our ship dates are approximate and delays may occur for many reasons, especially when producing custom printed products.  When ordering, please be sure to let us know if there is a particular date that you need your order by so we can do our best to accommodate.  Refunds will not be issued if delays occur outside of our control.
Our goal is to ship stock orders the same day they're placed if received prior to 3pm CST and if the products you order are in stock.  We will notify you of any back orders or any possible delays on stock products as soon as we're aware of them and give you an updated ship date as soon as it's available to us.
With custom printed products, production time frames will vary and cannot always be guaranteed.  Therefore, if you have a date that you need your custom order by, we recommend that you tell us your in hands need ahead of time and/or choose expedited shipping.  That way we are informed up front and can do our best to meet or exceed your needs.  However, refunds cannot be given if production times run longer than expected.
Also note that we're not responsible once your order is handed to any shipping carriers.  If we ship your order on time and the shipping company fails to deliver it, you will need to follow up with them to determine the best way to proceed.  Sometimes they'll honor a claim to reimburse you for shipping fees if they don't deliver on time, however, due to issues beyond their control (weather or other circumstances), some claims may not be honored.  LoneStar will not refund you on behalf of the shipping carrier and we're unfortunately unable to replace items free of charge.

No, there are no changes, modifications, or cancellations available once an order is placed due to the custom nature of our products and quick turnaround times.  Please be sure to thoroughly review your order for 100% accuracy prior to submitting it.  We will not modify, cancel, refund, or exchange orders if you've ordered the wrong color, size, etc.

We're happy to review any questions or concerns before you submit your order.  Let us know how we can help!


The quickest way to quote your order is to add all your items to your online shopping cart.  Make sure to select all the options you prefer, such as colors, fasteners, sizes, etc., because these options may affect your cost and will be reflected in the shopping cart.  And don't worry, you can remove or clear items from your cart if you change your mind on some or decide not to proceed at all.  There's no obligation to purchase and we won't ask for any personal information until you're ready to finalize and submit your order.

Once you have all the products you would like to order in your shopping cart, you can even review the shipping method options and the prices for each to see your grand total before checking out.
If you're having any trouble with the quote or are trying to quote a large volume or custom product, please feel free to send us your request by clicking HERE.

Unfortunately, no.  Our prices change as our costs change.  Many factors, some beyond our control, can affect the prices of our products.  We have no choice but to pass these costs along to our customers.  What all this means is that the price listed online when you ordered was the current price for that item, except in the case of official written quotes from us, which are good for 7 business days from the date of quotation (unless otherwise noted).  Prices are subject to change without notice. 

For most of our products, we do our best to offer customization without any set up fees.  However, some of our custom products do require set up fees on the initial order, and even sometimes reorders, due to the printing processes.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding set up fees or would like assistance finding a product without any set up fees.

No, definitely not!  Any set up fees, shipping fees, taxes, or other fees that may apply toward your order are displayed up front during checkout.  However, once your order is received and we've had a chance to review everything you've submitted, we might have suggestions on additional services that would improve the print quality of your product.  These services could include artwork recreations, Pantone color matching, pre-production sample fees, etc.  If we feel recommending any of these services would be beneficial, we will contact you prior to production to discuss the options.  You will never be charged anything without your approval.

Yes, we'd be happy to take a look at quotes you've received from other vendors.  If the quote is for a product that matches identically to ours (same material, printing process, quality, quantity, etc.), we will happily match the price.


We currently accept:
  • Major US Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • Online checks (ACH) or paper checks
  • On account terms (contact us for a credit application to set up a credit account)
  • Purchase Orders (restrictions apply)

We typically require pre-payment on all orders you place, unless you have an established credit account with.  To set up a credit account, please contact us for a credit application so we can set up your payment terms.  Once approved, we can set up your account to give you the "invoice me" option at checkout so no payment will be required up front.

If you would like to pay using a credit card, simply enter your card information at checkout and your card will be automatically charged at the time the order is placed.  We'll require you to enter the card number, the expiration date, and the security code (the 3-digits located on the back of Visa, MasterCard, or Discover, or the 4-digits located on the front of American Express).  You will also need to know the name on the card and the billing address associated with that account.

*Online Check (ACH):  Works just like a credit card.  Put in your bank account number and your bank's routing number in at checkout.  The funds for your order will be withdrawn at the time of checkout.
*Paper Checks:  We'll place your order on hold and release it upon receipt of your check in the mail.
*On Account:  If you choose "check" payment and you have an established credit account with us, we'll proceed with your order at the time of receipt and bill you according to the agreed upon terms (typically net-30).
Please mail all checks to LoneStar Badge & Sign, PO Box 387, Martindale, TX 78655.  Please note that there will be a a $25 service fee for all returned checks.
If you prefer to use a purchase order when paying, you can choose "check" as your payment method and then proceed through the checkout.  Please be sure to note your PO number in the notes section of the order before you complete your order.
Please note that we will only accept purchase orders from companies with established credit accounts with us or those that meet one of the following qualifications:
  • Fortune 500 listed companies
  • Government agencies (city, county/parish, state, and federal)
  • Schools (accredited school districts, two and four-year institutions)
  • Churches

CSC stands for "Card Security Code".  This is a 3- or 4-digit number shown on the front or back side of your debit or credit card.  This code is requested at checkout to help prevent fraud by verifying that a debit or credit card payment is being submitted by the actual cardholder.

AVS stands for "Address Verification Service".  It's a tool provided by debit and credit card processors and banks to help prevent fraud by verifying the correct address associated with the cardholder's credit card account.  When checking out, please be sure the billing address you enter exactly matches the billing address on file for your card, otherwise the transaction will be declined or voided.

Payments can be declined for a number or reasons.  Typically you'll receive an error message if your card was declined which should tell you the reason.  If it's due to a "CSC" or "AVS" fail, that means you will need to correct the card's security code and/or billing address before trying your transaction again.  Your transaction will also be declined if your address is outside of the United States, so please be sure you're using a major US credit card.  Some other reasons for declines might be insufficient funds or if you have tried to submit the transaction too many times in a short period of time.  If you have any issues with declined or voided transactions, please reach out to your bank for the next steps.


Typically our artwork department works best with "vector" files.  These are files that can be reduced and enlarged in size without any "jagged" edges or loss of quality.  This also allows us to work with your PMS (Pantone) colors.  Common vector formats are .cdr, .eps, and .ai, which are produced in programs like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.

If you don't have one of these types of files, please send us what you have.  We'll have our artists take a look and see if they can work with your file as is.  If they determine the quality of the file won't give us a good quality print on your products, we may contact you to further discuss.  In some cases, our artist may have to recreate the artwork into a vector format.  There is a fee for this, but then the artwork would be yours to keep for use on future projects!

Read more about vector artwork and why we need it HERE.

Prior to checkout, you should see the option to "Add / Edit Names".  Once you click there, you have the option to type in each name you need or to download an Excel template to fill out.  Please be sure if you'll be using the Excel method that you use the Excel template provided for you.  If you upload your own Excel file, the formatting will not be correct according to your reordering template and names, titles, or other text might not appear correctly on your proof.

Yes!  With every new order for a custom printed product, you can design the product right there online in our designer studio and download a preview.  You won't see a proof for every single name you need (for example, if ordering a name badge or name plate).  However, after your initial order and once your reordering template is set up, you'll be able to skip the designer studio for reorders and will be able to download a proof for every single name you enter before checking out.  If you don't have a reordering template set up, just contact us and we'll get it added to your account right away!

On your initial order of name badges or name plates, you'll be able to see a proof, but not of every single name you need.  However, once we've set up your reordering template, you can definitely see a proof of every single name before checking out for all of your reorders.

We do not accept separate artwork files created for each name badge, nor do we accept names and/or titles as font that has been converted to curves.  If you feel an exception is warranted, please contact us to discuss.  Additional charges may apply.

We have a database of thousands of fonts so we typically have more common font styles on file.  If we don't have the specific font you prefer, we should be able to get a very close match and will notify you if a substitution is recommended.

If you must have a specific font due to branding requirements, you're welcome to purchase the font and send us the file to use (which will only be used for your projects).  If the font is part of your artwork, purchasing the font is not necessary; just make sure the font in your art is converted to curves/outlines.  This does not include the names/titles, as we're unable to accept your name list in artwork format.  Due to the way our reordering templates are set up, your names, titles, and any other variable text must be in a font format (not curves).

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a color system shared world wide by those in the graphic industry.  If your company has specific logo and artwork guidelines, it's possible they'll require any custom printed products to use the PMS color matching system to ensure brand consistency.

Due to the variances with our printing processes and the substrates that we use, sometimes colors don't print exactly as shown in your artwork file.  For example, when we print on a silver or gold metal background, sometimes those background colors can affect the appearance of your logo colors once printed.

To help ensure that your custom products match your company's artwork requirements no matter what color substrate we print on, you can choose to have us do a PMS Color Match.  We'll compare your product once we print it to our PMS color swatch book to make sure it's closely matched to the PMS color(s) you specify.  If it doesn't match on the first print attempt, we'll make adjustments and reprint the product until the colors do match.  There is a $50 fee for this service on your initial order, but we'll then save these colors in your account so re-orders in the future will uphold the same color standards and there won't be any additional color matching fees.

Read more about PMS color matching HERE.

No.  Anything we print has to be your original artwork.  We're not able to print any images that you send us that were downloaded from any search engines or other websites as they might infringe on copyright or trademarks.  We are not able to print any copyright, trademarked, registered, or licensed materials.

No.  We're not able to print any copyright, trademarked, registered, or licensed materials.  Any artwork that you provide to us for the purposes of printing your order must be original.

No, we're not authorized to print any driver licenses, government or state issued IDs, military IDs, immigration cards, student ID cards (without proper authorization from your school), or other official identification cards or documents.


Every time you place an order for custom printed products, we save the layout you approve during your initial order in your account.  To reorder one of these products, first log into your account, then click on Reorder Custom Products along the top menu bar.

Once you're there, you'll see an image of each of the custom printed items you've previously ordered.  To proceed, select the appropriate options (fastener, production time, etc.) underneath the product you're reordering and enter your name list (if applicable).  Next, you'll simply enter the total number of items you would like, then click the red Reorder button to add the items to your shopping cart.
Repeat this process for every item you wish to reorder, then proceed through the checkout once you're finished.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have along the way!

Yes, our system will do that automatically.


Call us or use live chat, let's find a way to help you accomplish your goals.

A pre-production sample, or PPS, is a physical sample you can choose to receive of most of our custom products during the initial ordering process.  When you choose to receive a PPS with your order, first we'll have you review an electronic proof of your design.  Once that's approved, we'll then proceed with producing one physical sample using all the options you've selected and printed with your custom artwork.  We'll overnight ship the product to you for a final approval before we proceed with your entire order.  This gives you the opportunity to review the product in hands before committing to an entire order and allows you to make any last final change before proceeding.  There is a fee for this option, which varies per product.  However, a PPS is recommended if you have very detailed or specific artwork or if you have concerns with Pantone colors.


While we do sell to resellers, we don't typically offer any additional discounts due to our already low profit margins.  We are instead committed to offering all of our customers the most competitive pricing for identification products that we can and offer quantity discounts for bulk ordering.  If you are a reseller and looking to order in bulk for your customer or have a budget that you're working with, you're welcome to reach out to us.  Sometimes we can work with you to custom quote exceptionally large orders and will do our best to find just the right products within budget for your customers.


No, there are no returns or exchanges available with any orders made with us since you're ordering customized items (custom manufactured, custom fabricated, custom printed, made-to-order, etc.).

Additionally, please note that changes, modifications, and cancellations to orders are not available once an order is placed, so please be sure to thoroughly review your order for 100% accuracy prior to submitting your order.  We will not modify, cancel, refund, or exchange orders if you've ordered the wrong color, size, etc.

If you feel we have made an error with your order or if you have any concerns about your order, please contact us immediately so we can further discuss.  We're happy to review any questions or concerns before you submit your order as well.  Just let us know how we can help!

Shipping and Delivery

Delivery dates and transit times will depend on the production time you selected (if a custom product) and the shipping method.  After the production time is complete or your stock product is ready to ship, your order will ship according to the shipping method you selected when ordering.  We're located centrally in Texas, so most UPS and USPS standard shipping methods (Ground/First Class Mail) should arrive in about 3-5 days.  If you chose one of the expedited methods, you can expect your order to arrive within the specified time frame (see time frames below).  Please note that if you don't receive your order when expected once shipped, you'll have to reach out to the shipping carrier for further instructions.

First Class - 1-10 business days (by end of day)
Priority - 2-3 business days (by end of day)
Priority Express - 1-2 business days (by end of day)
Ground - 1-7 business days (by end of day)
Three Day Select - 3 business days (by end of day)
Two Day Air - 2 business days (by end of day)
Next Day Saver - next business day (by 3:00pm)
Next Day Air - next business day (by 10:30am)
Next Day Early AM - next business day (by 8:00am)

We currently use UPS and USPS Mail as our shipping carriers.  The shipping cost for your order is determined by the total weight of your order, your ship-to location, and the method and carrier you select.

To get a shipping quote before you order, add all the items you wish to order to your shopping cart, then enter your shipping address for a real-time shipping calculator.  Please note that shipping costs are subject to change based on the daily published rates of each carrier.

Absolutely!  We're located in Central Texas, mid-way between Austin and San Antonio.  If you're close by and would like to pick up your order, you can enter our address in the ship-to field at checkout (301 Quail Run, Martindale, TX 78655).  Once you've done this, the "Local Pick Up" option will appear for selection in the shipment options.  Once we have your order ready, we'll contact you when it's time to head over and pick it up.

Yes!  When placing your order online, just enter your shipper account number at checkout.  Please note that if using a FedEx ground account, your order may be delayed by one or two business days.

Blind shipping is where we ship your order, typically directly to your customer, without any identifying information or pricing in/on the package.  Another term for this is sometimes "white label" shipping.  And yes, we'd be happy to!  Please make note in your order or contact us to set up blind shipments.

No, we don't require shipping and billing addresses to match.  We understand that your purchasing department, corporate headquarters, or billing department might be located in another facility than the location that actually needs to receive and use the products being ordered.  We also understand that you might be traveling, shipping directly to your event's hotel or another location nearby, shipping to a home address if that's more convenient for you, or even sending your items as a gift to another person.  For these reasons, we don't require billing and shipping addresses to match at checkout.

Sure!  There is an additional cost for any shipping insurance, but we're happy to add it.  Please contact our customer service team in order to add insurance to your package.

Insurance may cover costs to fix or replace products and/or shipping fees on things like lost, damaged, or delayed packages, but is that the disgression of each carrier.  We can discuss the options, fees, and limitations when you contact us.

We use USPS, UPS, and FedEx Express to ship our packages, so there are plenty of shipping options available for both domestic and international shipments.  However, if you'd like to ship your order using another carrier of your choosing, that's definitely acceptable  However, you are solely responsible for making any arrangements regarding your shipment.  We're happy to alert you when your order is packaged and ready to be picked up.  We will give you the total weight and dimensions of your package(s).  However, you will need to contact your carrier directly to set up pickup, terms, prices, payments, etc. at your convenience.  Any duties, taxes, or other fees will be your responsibility to take care of with the shipping carrier.

We will gladly ship your order outside of the United States.  However, we unfortunately have no control over charges for duties and taxes.  Those amounts are determined once your order reaches your destination country.  All fees are to be borne by the recipient.  Please contact your local customs office for further information. 

We strive for 100% accuracy when shipping orders, but we unfortunately do make occasional errors.  It could simply be that we shipped your order in separate boxes and not all of them arrived yet, or it could be that we made an honest mistake, in which case we'll do whatever we need to do to make it right as quickly as possible.  If you have any issues with a shipment you received, please feel free to contact us at sales@lonestarbadge.com as soon as you notice the error so we can make it right.

Please note that damages or lost packages that occur during transit will need to be handled though the shipping carrier.  LoneStar is not responsible for the package once it leaves us.  You can reach out to the carrier directly on how to handle the next steps in order to investiage the package or to start the claim process.  We're happy to provide you with the tracking number and you can feel free to contact us if there's any other information they need.  Just let us know how we can help!

Common Product Questions

"Gauge" refers to the approximate thickness of the vinyl material used to construct our badge holders.

A frame is available with some of our personalized name badges.  It's a plate that your name badge sits into for added strength and a more professional appearance.  It's offered in both silver and gold, but only for select sizes.  Please note that if you choose to use a frame, you won't be able to use a backer. 

Our 30-day return policy covers our warranty issues for the most part.  However if one of our products seems faulty and it is after the 30-day return policy we will try to help you within the fullest of our abilities.  Please contact us to discuss your product quality concerns.

Our stock products are any products that can be shipped without customization.  There typically are minimum order quantities (usually 100, sometimes less depending on the product), but are usually available to ship right away since they aren't personalized with your artwork or specific options.

A custom product is anything that can be personalized prior to shipping.  It isn't just pulled from our inventory and shipped like our stock products, but can be customized with your artwork, as well as specific fastener, size, color, and other options to fit your company's needs.  Typically custom printed products have a minimal lead time, but a lot of them are available with low or no minimum order quantities (depending on the product type).

Generally speaking, no.  This goes for printing as well.  Since we don't know the specific makeup of your item, we can't ensure that it will be compatible with our engravers and/or printers.

Additionally, we have a minimum order fee of $100 for any walk-in orders and/or custom projects.