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Our window cling decals are made from 8mil Mojave Hi-Stat® Static Cling Vinyl in your choice of clear (transparent) or white (opaque).  This vinyl is flexible which allows it to adhere to many clean, highly polished surfaces without any adhesive.  This type of non-adhesive vinyl decal is ideal for temporary window displays, seasonal displays, and temporary advertising or announcements.  It's also repositionable and can be removed without leaving a residue behind on your glass surface.  Your decals can be applied wet and no solvants are needed.  Great for indoor use, but can also be used temporarily outdoors (rated for approximately 3 months outside).

The window decal vinyl clings can be mounted inside your glass (indoors) or outside of the glass (outdoors).  When decals are mounted inside the glass, your design is printed on the cling side of the vinyl.  Once mounted from the interior of your building, your design is seen through the glass surface.  This gives your decal a layer of protection from weather and wear.  With outside mounting, the cling is on the back side (the side touching the glass) and and your design is printed on the opposite side.  Your design is displayed on the exterior glass surface (outside).  This allows your design to be slightly brighter and easier to see from a distance, but may not last as long as if mounted inside.

Standard turnaround time is approximately 1-3 business days (not including weekends or holidays).

Installation Tips:  1)  Clean your mounting surface.  2)  Wet your surface with warm water and mild soap (baby soap and dish soap work well).  3)  Peel your decal away from its backing.  4)  Place on glass and position the decal where you would like it.  5)  Starting in the center, use a squeegee to smooth out any water or air bubbles.