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1 x 3 Silver Frame (+$3.00)1 x 3 Gold Frame (+$3.00)
Total : $ 7.50
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Badge details:

  • 1/16" thickness engraving stock, 2-ply colors
  • Laser engraved logo, art, text
  • Available in multiple sizes in both rectangular and oval shapes
  • Typical turnaround time is 1-2 business days, under normal circumstances, not including shipping time
  • Hire one of our designers to custom design your template for you ($30.00)

Great for:

  • fitness and recreation centers
  • churches and other faith based organizations
  • museums
  • event centers
  • hotels and resorts
  • medical and rehabilitation facilities
  • realtors
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
1 x 3124$ 7.50
2549$ 6.00
5099$ 5.00
100249$ 4.50
250499$ 4.00
500999$ 3.75
10009999$ 3.50
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Boost Your Brand With Custom Engraved Name Badges

Upgrade your brand identity with engraved name badges! We offer a wide selection of materials, customization options, and expert craftsmanship to ensure your engraved name badges reflect your individual or organizational style.

Why Buy Engraved Name Badges?

Engraved name badges elevate your professional presence, strengthen brand awareness, and streamline workplace operations. Here's why they matter:

Elevate Your Professional Image

A well-crafted name badge speaks volumes about your brand. It conveys competence, attention to detail, and a dedication to a polished, well-organized workplace. This subtle detail makes an impact on how clients, colleagues, and the public perceive you and your organization.

Brand Promotion

Transform your name badge into a miniature billboard for your brand. By adding your company logo, tagline, or distinctive design elements, you reinforce your brand identity with every interaction. This consistent visual reminder helps build recognition and strengthens your professional image.

Clear Identification

Engraved name badges eliminate confusion and facilitate communication, particularly in dynamic environments. In customer-facing roles, conferences, large organizations, or healthcare settings, identifying names and titles encourages interactions.

Security Enhancement

In workplaces where security is strict, engraved name badges with photo IDs provide an additional layer of protection. They help control access, distinguish authorized personnel from visitors, and minimize the risk of unauthorized entry.

Customize Your Engraved Name Tags With LoneStar Badge & Sign

At LoneStar Badge & Sign, we understand that your name badge should be as unique as you are. That's why we offer:

Material Choices

When choosing your engraved name badge material, consider your environment and desired aesthetic. For outdoor settings or workplaces demanding maximum durability, anodized aluminum offers a weather-resistant finish that protects your badge's vibrancy and legibility despite exposure to the elements. 

If classic elegance aligns with your brand image, brushed silver exudes timeless sophistication. For those seeking intricate designs, laser-engraved plates allow you to showcase sharp text, crisp lines, and detailed logos or graphics.

Text Options

You shouldn't limit the text on your badge to names. Personalize your engraved name badges and include job titles, department affiliations, certifications, or even a tagline that reflects your role or expertise.

Shapes & Sizes

Explore traditional rectangles and ovals, or create custom shapes that mirror your logo or brand aesthetic. Choose sizes that ensure balanced proportions and optimal readability for your selected text.

Fastener Variety

Prioritize comfort and practicality with your choice. Pins offer classic security, magnets provide a gentle option for delicate fabrics, and clips are perfect for pockets or lanyards.

Flexible Ordering

Whether you need a single badge for yourself or a large-scale order for your entire team, we accommodate your needs. Our no-minimum policy guarantees flexibility and accessibility for everyone.

Get Your Custom Engraved Name Badges Today

Transform your image with engraved name badges. They project professionalism, strengthen your brand, and streamline workplace communication. Choose us as your partner – we'll guide you through customization options to create badges that represent you and your organization.