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Name plate details:

  • 1/16" thickness engraving stock, 2-ply colors
  • Laser engraved logo, art, text
  • Most common size is 2" x 8", but available in many popular sizes including 1", 1.5", 2", 3", and 4" heights
  • Can be used with multiple mounting methods such as adhesive, wall holders, or desk holders
  • Typical turnaround time is 1-2 business days, under normal circumstances, not including shipping time
  • Hire one of our designers to custom design your template for you ($30.00)

Great for:

  • bank executives
  • teachers, professors, and administrators in schools, colleges, and universities
  • supervisors and managers
  • town, city, county, and other goverment offices
  • medical and hospital staff and patients
  • gifts for colleagues and friends
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
1 x 419$ 8.99
1024$ 7.99
2549$ 6.99
5099$ 5.99
1 x 619$ 8.99
1024$ 7.99
2549$ 6.99
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Boost Your Brand With Custom Engraved Name Plates

In the realm of professionalism, it's the fine details that speak volumes. AtLoneStar Badge & Sign, we believe that an engraved name plate is more than just a way to display a name; it's a symbol of prestige, a beacon of professionalism, and a reflection of your commitment to excellence. 

Allow us to take you on a journey through our exceptional range of engraved name plates, meticulously crafted to set you and your profession or business apart.

Discover the Distinction of Engraved Name Plates

Celebrate Durability and Style

Our engraved name plates are not just about making an impression—they're built to last. Made from top-quality 2-ply acrylic, they're designed to endure, maintaining their crisp, clear appearance through the hustle and bustle of professional life. Ideal for any setting, from bustling offices to serene receptions, our name plates are the versatile choice for those who value both form and function.

Precision Personalization

At the heart of our LoneStar Badge & Sign offerings is our cutting-edge laser engraving technology. This allows us to deliver unparalleled detail in every name plate, bringing to life intricate logos, elegant fonts, and any customization you can envision. Your name, title, and company brand are not just seen—they're showcased with the utmost clarity and professionalism.

The LoneStar Badge & Sign Advantage

Variety in Size and Shape

We understand the importance of providing personalized options to fit every need. This is why we offer our engraved name plates in a range of sizes, including our unique oval option, to ensure the perfect fit for any application. Furthermore, our optional gold or silver metal frames add a touch of sophistication, enhancing the durability and aesthetic appeal of your name plate.

Tailor-Made to Your Specifications

Here at LoneStar, customization is key. We provide a selection of fasteners to securely attach your name plate wherever it may be displayed. Whether your need is for a one-time event or for a permanent office display, our badges are customized to precisely represent your brand and personal style.

Seamless Ordering Experience

We’ve streamlined our customization process to ensure it's as easy and user-friendly as possible. Commendably, we offer our services without set-up fees or minimum order quantities, highlighting our dedication to value and customer satisfaction. Just a few clicks on our intuitive website and you’re on your way to securing a name plate that’s customized to perfection.

Your Questions, Answered

Can my company's logo be included on the engraved name plate?
Certainly! We specialize in incorporating your company logo with perfect precision to faithfully represent your brand.

What's the standard turnaround time for orders?
Once the design is approved, we typically require a few business days for production. Quality is our priority, not speed, yet we always strive for both.

What materials and fasteners can I choose from for the name plates?
Our name plates come in a selection of materials, with fasteners available in various styles such as pins, clips, or magnets, catering to every preference and need.

How do I select the right size for my engraved name plate?
The usage of the name plate often dictates the size. Desk plates might benefit from being larger for better visibility, whereas apparel-compatible plates may be smaller and lighter. Our expert team is available to help you decide on the perfect dimensions.

​Choose LoneStar Badge & Sign Today

Step into a world where your professional identity is not just recognized but revered. At LoneStar Badge & Sign, we don't just produce engraved name plates; we craft symbols of achievement and emblems of individuality.Contact us today to begin crafting an engraved name plate that truly represents the essence of your brand and personal ethos.

With us, every engraved name plate is a testament to your commitment to excellence. Let us help you make that lasting impression with a sophistication that speaks before you utter a single word.