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Black with Gold EngravingBlack with Red EngravingBlack with Silver EngravingBlack with White EngravingBlack with Yellow EngravingBlue with White EngravingBrushed Charcoal with White EngravingBrushed Gold with Black EngravingBrushed New Bronze with Black EngravingBrushed New Bronze with White EngravingBrushed Pewter with White EngravingBrushed Rose Gold with Black EngravingBrushed Silver with Black EngravingBurgundy with White EngravingCanary with Black EngravingCashew with Dark Brown EngravingCeladon Green with White EngravingCherry with White EngravingChina Blue with White EngravingCinnamon Stick with White EngravingDark Brown with White EngravingDigicam Air Force Blue with White EngravingDigicam Desert with Black EngravingDigicam Green with White EngravingDigicam Pink with Black EngravingDigicam Special Ops with White EngravingDigicam Standard with White EngravingDigicam US Navy with White EngravingEvergreen with White EngravingGlittery Smooth Gold with Black EngravingGlittery Smooth Silver with Black EngravingIvory with Dark Brown EngravingKelley Green with White EngravingKona with White EngravingLight Blue with White EngravingLight Gray with Black EngravingLight Gray with Burgundy EngravingLight Gray with Marine Blue EngravingMarble Celestial Blue with Gold EngravingMarble Harbor Gray with White EngravingMarble Port Wine with Gold EngravingMarble Verde with Gold EngravingMedium Brown with White EngravingPatriot Blue with White EngravingPink with Black EngravingPink with White EngravingPurple with White EngravingRed with White EngravingReflective Gold with Black EngravingReflective Silver with Black EngravingSmoke Gray with White EngravingTangerine with White EngravingWalnut with White EngravingWhite with Black EngravingWhite with Blue EngravingWhite with Bright Green EngravingWhite with Burgundy EngravingWhite with Pine Green EngravingWhite with Red EngravingTextured Aquamarine with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Ash Gray with Black Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Ash Gray with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Bermuda Tan with Dark Brown Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Coal Black with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Coffee Bean with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Desert Sand with Black Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Jungle Green with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Pimento with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Red Clay with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Royal Blue with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Ruby with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Sapphire with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Tangerine with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Teal with White Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Winter White with Black Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Winter White with Blue Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Winter White with Red Engraving (add $0.50)Textured Yellow with Black Engraving (add $0.50)
Recessed (1/2 inch tall slot)
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Pin with AdhesivePin with Glue (+$0.10)Locking Pin (+$0.50)Military Clutch Pin (+$0.75)Bulldog Clip (+$0.65)Bulldog Clip with Pin (+$0.65)Alligator Clip (+$0.65)Deluxe Magnet Bar (+$1.50)Super Grip Magnet Bar (+$2.50)Pocket Adaptor (+$1.50)Double Sided Foam Tape (+$0.25)Velcro (Hook and Loop) (+$0.90)
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The LBE is our reusable laser engraved style economy label badge. With the ability to quickly and easily change employee names and with the durability of the 2-ply acrylic, these badges are great for any large corporation or store event.

This badge is available in many color combinations with both smooth and textured surface options. Each badge is made of a durable, 2-ply acrylic that has a surface color and a core "engraving" color.  The very high resolution capability of our laser engravers allow us to achieve fine detail when customizing each badge with your company logo and/or custom text.  You can also choose to add your favorite fastener on the back for comfort and convenience with a touch of your personal style.

The LBE label badges are available in your choice of size and with either a recessed or non-recessed label area.  Please note that not all size and label area options are available with all color selections.

SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
1 x 3124$ 7.00
2549$ 6.50
5099$ 6.00
100249$ 5.50
250499$ 5.00
500999$ 4.50
10009999$ 4.00
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