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This hard black polypropylene plastic case is great for carrying, displaying, and organizing event and employee name tags and badges.  It includes a slotted foam insert that will accommodate up to 75 total badges.  Badges up to 4" in height and length will fit in the slots.  The slots are spaced 1/2" apart to easily view all badges once placed inside.

The overall dimensions of this lightweight case are 4 1/2" deep, 17 3/4" long, and 15 1/2" tall.  The foam insert inside is a durable 5/8" thickness.

Additional or replacement [sku]HMX106I[/sku] inserts are available for purchase separately as well.

SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
None14$ 79.99
59$ 72.99
1024$ 68.99
2549$ 59.99
50999$ 41.99